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Ladies, let’s not attribute our success to makeup

My morning started off coming across this video posted by a couple of friends on my social media.

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I would propose a study on correlation of number of selfie and ootd (outfit of the day) images on Instagram and amount of these gutter magazines read per week.

My mother was all against us the girls wearing any sort of makeup when my sister and I were of school going age. I ended up not having any desire to enhance ‘self confidence’ through facial make up at all, as how some people would claim that putting on some colours will make you feel more ‘ready’, more ‘upfront’ to meet up with people.

There was even one officer when I was working in paeds clinic who proposed that I should wear make up because kids will be more relaxed and cooperative. That comment was so alien to me! Most kids have been very well behaved and cooperative with me eversince i was a student!

Amazingly enough, in my profession I meet up with people everyday, tens of people per day BUT I have never felt anything less or little about myself. Of course I will make sure that I dress appropriately to my profession, neat and clean but I’m not that lady who would be spotted in 5 inches stilettos nor dangling brooches nor 5 layers of wavy skirts and shawls.

I’m a believer of content before skin, with my minimalist and simple dressing,and zero amount of makeup I have attended and be successful in interviews local and overseas, have been on stages to speak and be heard, and have absolutely no problem in pursuing my desire and career. I believe millions of other women out there who do not put on makeup have took on the world and be hundreds of times more successful than me, all because we do not have time to worry about how ‘insufficient’ we are.

Be thankful if you are content and comfortable in your skin. I wouldn’t have known that I was a dwarf amongst my colleagues in dental school if it wasn’t for one of my clinical supervisors calling me a midget – as a joke of course – I hope it was a joke?

Ladies, let’s do ourselves a favour and do not put the attributes of our success to makeups, can we?

Dr Aini Hayati Abdul Rahim
Wanita ISMA

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