Would Zurairi like to see Kemalists in power again?

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On the 24th of July Zurari AR wrote a piece in his favourite news site, The Malay Mail Online, and yes the name of the website is a misnomer. What is more important is that Zurairi did not like how the people of Turkey supported their President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 

Zurairi’s main discontent is with the Islamic nature of Erdogan and his party. And of course like all secularists, the glorification of a tyrant called Mustafa Kemal. Mustafa Kemal after coming into power put a ban on the call for prayers in the Mosques, he banned women from wearing head-scarves in government offices, he killed many Muslim scholars who had anything to say against him or for Islam.

Let’s talk about this piece from the historic perspective of Turkey, this is not the first time low ranking officers have tried to dispose of a democratically elected government. We need to emphasise that Erdogan was democratically elected by the citizens of Turkey. Another point to note is that, for those who have pro-western (read anti Islam) ideologies, a democracy is only a democracy until it favours them.

In 1950 Adnan Menderes was democratically elected as the Turkish Prime Minister, he legalised the call for prayer. Under the new policies implemented Turkey saw rapid growth and development both economically and socially. In 1960 the Turkish apparently had enough of the development. They staged a coup d’etat to oust the current Prime Minister and guess what was their excuse?

One of it was embezzlement of state funds which is basically corruption. And of course not to forget the violation of the constitution, and was sentenced to death for his crimes. Yes This is not the first time Kemalists have mounted a coup against a democratically elected government. Kemalists can’t bear any sort of freedom when it comes to professing Islam.

Lessons have been learned and the Turkish people saw what could have become their future. A future of oppression and economic downfall. Before the AKP took over, the Turkish economy was in shambles, currency crisis, unemployment and everything else that you can think of. Which citizen in the right mind would want to go down that path?

One has to ask, would Zurairi like to see Kemalists in power again? And if the answer is yes, that simply begs a quesion, why? Who in the right mind would want to see any country destroyed? Don’t we have enough to deal with as it already is? The Middle East is in a state of pity, Syria, Iraq and Libya have been successfully dismantled, so now open up another front in Turkey?

Not to mention the fact that Turkey has been one of the worst victims of the ISIS. The template for the coup was the same as previously, what was not the same was the people’s power. This time they decided that they do not want to go down the path that destroyed them.

Another thing to point out is that, how does one agree with a coup against a government that was elected rightfully via a democratic process? It is easy to see how and why The Malay Mail Online supports these columnist above everyone else. It is obvious now to me why Malay Mail Online chooses to print these type of articles above everyone else and yet in the same breath advocating democracy.

Rehan Ahmad Bin Jamaluddin Ahmad
President, Intellectual Wisdom Society

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