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Young marriage – Response to the UN report

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I totally disagree with the UN report published at The Malaysian Insider on 16th December 2014 ( for these reasons:

1. A high income nation must not rely on women as the major contributor but rather men should lead the workforce and put their biggest effort in shaping the nation. Japan is a world leading nation in providing the latest technology but their contribution of women in the workforce is about 40%, whilst the involvement of women on the board of major corporations in Japan is merely 1.2% (The Wall Street Journal). 70% of women in Japan put forward a resignation letter after delivery of their first child. The Japanese have illustrated to us beautifully that we can achieve the status of a high income nation and be ‘family first’ as well.

We just need the right person for the right job. Our male counterparts actively involved in workforce and being high achievers. Our females need to be highly educated in various skills to bring up healthy, successful girls and boys and MUST contribute to the community in a way that best suites them.

2. During my professional career as a doctor, I do meet and provide counselling to lot of young women (teenagers) who wish to get married. I like to explore their beliefs and reasons behind it. Most of these cases use ‘marriage’ to cover up their unlawful sexual act in the past. Others do so to ‘legalize’ the unborn child inside them.

I wish the statistic in the article would have explored the reasons behind the reported marriages, only then we would have a clearer picture. If these young adults get married early because of the issues that I have shared above, then it means getting married early is not a problem, it is a solution. A solution that is not ideal but needed to counter the mishaps of poor morality and social values. A more productive way is to study why the younger society is susceptible to all these issues and lend them a helping hand to find a brighter future.

” الإسلام هو الحل ”

Dr Nur Farrah Nadia Najib
Biro Keluarga dan Masyarakat
Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) Johor

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8 komen

  1. the UN rep talk about ‘legal marriage’ only but ignore the illegal/unregistered intercourse among teens in the west. she is not clever, in fact, stupid.

  2. The west may have a high number of teens having illicit intercourse but the number of high achieving youths who are not married are even higher. Salah “West”lagi kut?

  3. If we just rely on men to shaping the future of this world, how could the needs and aspirations of women can be fulfilled?
    Men and women must contribute to the global workforce and leadership.
    The writer is a physician. If a woman like herself believes that women cannot lead and their contribution only limited to bring up healthy girls and boys, I’m indeed speechless.

  4. @mae1000 What does, i quote, “illegal/unregistered intercourse” have to do with the UN report? The UN report is about the age in which marriage takes place. So, happens that in Malaysia, girls are being married off to older men, and most of them are Malays. The lack of education amongst village folks is one of the cause.

    And dear Dr Nur Farrah, your point, “A high income nation must not rely on women as the major contributor but rather men”. Just WOW. Are you being serious? I’ve heard of feminist but this just takes the cake. Are you implying that the growth of the country should be the responsibility of the men while the girls, especially young ones, start producing offsprings? Your “statistics” of Japan is wrongly quoted and does not fit in the topic of YOUNG MARRIAGES. 70% of Japanese women, whom before they had their first child, had a JOB. Malaysian girls who are marrying young would most often mean that they were not contributing much to the country, much less to the family.

    I however though, agree with your second point. Teenage marriage is most often a cover up. This is also a cause as to why Malaysians are marrying young.

  5. Here we go again. America with their usual ‘human rights savior’ hypocritical lol. It’s like them saying, having escorts or prostitute is better than having four wives. Slating the polygamy yet ignore those ‘value’ prostitution activities among kids, teenagers and women. Hypocrisy at its best…

  6. I agree with the comment that more need to be done in helping the younger generation in curbing the need for early marriage as a solution for their past act.

    The only part on the article that i’m a bit puzzled and i can see why it can be misunderstood is where “women need to be highly educated in various skills to bring up healthy boys and girls”.

    For me, that responsibility falls on both the father and the mother… both maybe have different set of skills that they can hone to bring up their kids … A man, husband, father is the leader and it is his responsibility to guide his wife, mother of his kids in bringing up “healthy boys and girls”

  7. Hypocrites, the US law in most states permit marriage ofr girls as young as 14 (Texas) and boys as young as 16 (many states). Kuman seberang laut nampak, gajah depan mata tak nampak! Deliberately turning a blind eye!!

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