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No religious freedom in Malaysia – a fools claim

Masjid Putrajaya
Lets have a little newsflash on religious freedom issue.

These are the headlines from Malaysiakini:
-May 7th, 2014 – Envoy expresses concern over religious freedom. It was reported that the British High Commisioner expressed his concern over religious freedom in Malaysia.
– April 18th, 2014 – Ex-judge on non-Muslim statues seditious. It says there are restrictions to religious freedom of non Muslims.

From The Malaysian Insider:
– May 6th, 2014 – Freedom of religion and the press – Sin Chew Daily. It was reported that the freedom of religion in Malaysia is deteriorating.
– May 3rd, 2014 – Malaysia on US watch list for limitations on religious freedom. It was reported that the US was concerned about the limitations on freedom of religion in Malaysia.
– April 28th, 2014 – Ignore letter to remove Bibles from hotel rooms, lawyers tell hoteliers. It was said, the article on freedom of religion under the Federal Constitution was misread.

From Free Malaysia Today:
– April 23rd, 2014 –  Obama to seek fresh start with Malaysia in overdue visit.  It was reported that non-Muslim minorities in Malaysia is complaining of shrinking religious freedom.
– April 16th, 2014 – BSM fleeing Taliban-style rule, says Gerakan. It was reported that JAIS’ action of seizing the Malay Bibles which uses the term Allah was a violation of religious freedom.

These Liberal-cum-so-called-alternative Media is fooling people by saying there is no religious freedom in Malaysia.

There are 9.2% Christians in Malaysia, based on the 2010 census.

I don’t know how many different denominations in Christian, but in Malaysia there are Protestant, Anglicans, Baptists, Brethren, non-denominational churches, independent Charismatic churches, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterian and Roman Catholics. There are 448 Christian Mission schools in Malaysia. All are government-aided. Churches in Malaysia are free from threats and disruption of their own worship. Inter-denominational associations are free to be formed to promote unity WITHIN faith, such as National Evangelical Christian Fellowship of Malaysia (NECF) 1983 and Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) 1986. I don’t know how many churches are there in Malaysia. But obviously, there are lots of them, for every denomination. Even the biggest church in South East Asia, The controversial Pentecostal church Calvary Church is built here in Malaysia. Cost: RM200mil, 600,000 square feet. Build, even in the midst of religious tension.

There are 19.8% Buddhist in Malaysia.

The majority of them are ethnic Chinese. According to Information Malaysia 2005, there are over 3500 Buddhist temples, societies and organizations established in this country. In recognition of Malaysian Buddhist community, Wesak Day was officially declared a public holiday in 1962. In Malaysia, we have one of the oldest and largest Buddhist monasteries in Southeast Asia, namely Kok Lok Si Temple. Built over a century ago, not demolished. Several World Buddhist Conferences and other international congregations was allowed to be held in this country. Last year’s conference with Master Lu was held in Prince Hotel & Residence right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur.

So, yeah. There you go. “No religious freedom in Malaysia.”

All these freedom, throughout the history of Malaysia, are allowed, so long as the rights of the majority 61.3% Muslim population, (majority being Malay) and the position of Islam as the religion of the federation are respected. When the boundaries are crossed, and the respect is lost, don’t be surprised to see Muslims react aggressively.

Those who said non-Muslims are discriminated in Malaysia, are either fooled by the media, or a cybertrooper who only knows the online world, or an ignorant, or just really hate Muslims.

Respect Islam, as the Muslims have already respected others.

Abu Maryam
ISMA Activist

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4 komen

  1. Kenapa nak tinggalkan Islam Fuad Hashim BODOH? (ni Melayu ke RBA menyamar?) kenapa daripada menyembah Allah nak tukar kepada menyembah Jesus dan salib? Pandai kat mana kau? Mati lah kau cepat so that Allah can burn you in hell!

  2. Religious freedom in Malaysia is limited, because if JAIS can carry out raid on premises and wedding ceremony of the non-Muslim, and hudud to be enforced on everyone, including non-Muslims, there is no religious freedom to speak of.

  3. JAIS carried out raid on premises because the premises’ owners have violated the law. Disruption of a wedding was admittedly a mistake but it has nothing to do with religious freedom. Every governement agency committed mistakes some times but because it is not an Islamic authorities, those mistakes were played down but when an Islamic authority erred, it’s always blown out of proportion. That’s very typical of you infidels….distorting and exaggerating. And which fool told you that hudud will be enforced on everyone? BTW, do you know what hudud is in the first place?

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