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I was born in Brazil in a place called Petronilla. I didn’t understand why did people follow religion, because religion was like fiction to me. I started to become far

I was attracted to Islam by a brief contact that I had with a young boy. I had a Somali student when I was at Victoria, and the

MY name is Abdullah DeLancey. I am Canadian and I am employed as a Patient Service Worker at the local hospital. I have been married for almost 20

CATHERINE Houlihan is a Grant Researcher from Miami Florida. Earlier, the Huffington Post published an article she wrote where she shares her becoming Muslim story. Catherine grew up in

Kisah keluarga Raja Pop dunia, Micheal Jackson memeluk Islam masih menjadi perhatian dunia sehingga hari ini. Baru-baru ini Abangnya, mendedahkan semula permulaan beliau tertarik dengan Islam, sehingga melafazkan syahadah

DANIELLE LoDuca is an American author from Oakdale New York. Although she was raised Catholic Christian, she later chose to be agnostic (i.e. skeptic of God) and viewed

A few weeks ago I was invited to deliver a talk to a group of students regarding the topic: “Threats on Islam in Malaysia”. (“Wait, there are threats?”) I started off

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia's association of professional criminals, Persatuan Penjenayah dan Penjahat Malaysia (PERJAHAT) has recently emerged to voice its concern of the proposed Private Bill on Hudud.