Shocking Reality Of Sexual And Child Abuse By Christian Clergy

An isolated incident of disciplinary caning gone bad versus widespread unprosecuted cases of children sexual abuse by Christian clergy.

In an earlier article penned by me and colleague, Danial A Shaari (, we have highlighted the shocking and alarming situation concerning cases of sexual abuses perpetrated by the Christian clergy which in most cases went unpunished or simply swept under the carpet. Victims were either bought off or died without ever seeing the criminals and abusers charged in court for their crimes.

In Malaysia, it takes only one fatal incident unfortunately involving a Tahfiz school to activate a social media frenzy into an “attack mode” against the school, the institution of tahfiz, the Islamic authorities, the choice of Muslim parents (and priorities in Islamic parenting) and ultimately demonizing Islam itself. This attack does not stop here because the liberals, the self-annointed Islamo(fasci)logists, leftist columnists, writers and self-styled pseudo “defenders of Islam” groups saw this tragic incident an an opportunity to accelarate their campaign into an overdrive, directing and focussing all their efforts to crucify Islam itself, of course without admitting so.

(It is to be noted that unlike Christianity, Islam has no religious institution called the Church, Clergy or even the Vatican.)

But the hypocricy was more brazen if one takes into account earlier cases of abuse/death involving schoolchildren.

In an article published by Tanjak, an online media (, Danial A Shaari has highlighted several earlier cases and incidents that never received similar negative raections and treatment.

No outcry, no uproar, no frenzy and no villification.

Maybe because those incidents did not happen in a Tahfiz or Islamic religious school or Maahad or Madrasah.

The social media, the evangelists, the DAP zombies, the anti-Islam bashing groups, organizations and individuals too suddenly turned mute and silence when the news about Richard Huckle filled the headlines.

In middle of 2016, Huckle was convicted of raping 22 Malaysian children he had groomed while carrying out volunteer work with Christian charities in KL.

Not 2, but 22 and all perpetrated by the same “committed Christian”!

Danial noted:

“Please look back to Huckle’s dark saga. He took his young victims to Sunday morning church services!

Did Muslims ‘profiteer’ from his case to manipulate and taint public perception towards Christian charities?

Did Muslims jump into the fray and label Sunday schools or Christian volunteer work among impoverished and vulnerable children as exploitative and dangerous?

Did we call for Sunday schools or Christian charities to be closed down when Richard Huckle was charged?

If we did, we would be on more solid ground considering the many well-documented cases of child sex abuse in churches by clergymen over a long period of time.”

Of course, Muslims would never go on a “Christianity-bashing spree” just because a “committed Christian” destroyed the lives and future of many children, whose parents relied and perhaps put full trust and faith on a person who was supposed to guide their children to be faithful to God when they grow up.

Emotional scars can never be erased from one’s life.

Richard Huckle may be misled or deceived bt the Devil. But what if the sexual atrocities involved the clergy and priests on a widespread global scale, documented with countless reports and testimonies of thousands of victims, yet resulted in no criminal prosecution and no arrests?

What if the Church itself is complicit in covering up the sexual crimes and abuse committed by its own “men of God” or resists any attempts by the authorities to investigate the reports?

Let us hope that this unChristian-like blemish and criminal acts do not happen in our country, and IF there was any such incident, the authorities should extensively and exhaustively investigate the crimes, without fear or favour and without any hindrance from any parties concerned.

The future and well-being of the children should never be compromised or destroyed by people claiming to speak on God’s behalf.


The following references should really be an eye-opener of how the Church itself failed to solve or prevent the widespread incidents of criminal sexual abuse on very young innocent children entrusted to their care. More often than not, the Church itself becomes the habitual offender.

Philippines: Catholic priests rarely prosecuted for abuse crimes – report

Holy sin: child abuse in Cambodia’s Buddhist pagodas

101 East exposes sexual crimes of Philippines’ priests

Mohd Luttfi Abdul Khalid

7 thoughts on “Shocking Reality Of Sexual And Child Abuse By Christian Clergy

  1. It is wrong, no matter who the perpetrators are. Richard Huckle get the vilification he deserved, no less.

    And no, we dont want any of this swept under the carpet. Of course calling for tahfiz to be closed is too much but lets be more vigilant and give children the protection they deserve. Lets not forget that religious institution in Perak headed by a famous ustaz, under the spotlight for suspected sexual misconduct involving his own son.

    If we dont want what happen at the churches to affect ummah, lets be proactive, ignore naysayers and deal with the problem.


    A liberal hypocrite is a disgusting traitor for injuring, insulting, degrading, defaming and demonizing Islam and denying the rights of Muslims while falsely professing Islam.

    The liberals are the evil wolves in sheep’s clothing that are trying to undermine and destroy Islam and Muslims from within by distorting and corrupting the teachings of Islam, misinterpreting Al-Qur’an, rejecting Sunnah and Sharia etc.

    A kafir harbi is a non-believer who openly and clearly shows enmity towards Islam and Muslims. Kafir harbi are the bigots who are strongly partial to their own group, religion, race, or politics and are intolerant of Islam and Muslims.

    And now kafir harbi and liberal hypocrites and their immoral and corrupt mass media are united and cooperating to promote and spread negative feelings and attitudes towards Islam and Muslims, such as anti-Muslimism, intolerance against Muslims, anti-Muslim prejudice, anti-Muslim bigotry, hatred of Muslims, anti-Islamism, Muslimophobia, demonisation of Islam, or demonisation of Muslims.

    Benn and Jawad write that hostility towards Islam and Muslims are “closely linked to media portrayals of Islam as barbaric, irrational, primitive and sexist.”

    The enemies of Islam are deliberately and openly promoting and spreading misguided man-made ideologies to undermine Islam and deceive Muslims such as:

    (1) Secularism that rejects religion and religious considerations,

    (2) Liberalism that promotes freedom to commit immorality,

    (3) Pluralism that recognizes the equality of different religions.

    (4) Etc

    These misguided man-made ideologies are totally against the true teachings of Islam that promote Islam as the best way of life and Islamic considerations and recognize Islam as the one true religion and only and strictly forbid immorality.

    If the enemies of Islam (kafir harbi and liberal hypocrites) say that they love God and they hate Muslims whom they have seen, how can they love God whom they have not seen?

    So the enemies of Islam are rotten to core and worse than a liar because they are a liar that’s also a hypocrite. They have no respect for themselves that they would make a dupe for themselves too, if they could.

    For example, when a boy is hurt at a Tahfiz school, the kafir harbi and liberal hypocrites are quick enough to condemn all Islamic schools in Malaysia and pressure the government to shut or ban all the Islamic schools in Malaysia.

    However, the hypocrisy and double standard of the enemies of Islam becomes clearer when they fail to condemn nor ask the authorities to shut or ban all churches or temples whenever a priest or a monk abuse his or her followers.

    They have also failed to condemn nor asked the authorities to ban or shut all vernacular schools whenever or a teacher abuse a child in a vernacular school or a racist headmaster etc practice prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a Muslim teacher.

    The total failure of the enemies of Islam to condemn nor ask the government to ban or shut all churches, temples and vernacular schools prove beyond any reasonable doubts that the enemies of Islam are the most disgusting hypocrites who are leading a double life, pretending to be good and being really wicked and evil all the time. That would be a disgusting hypocrisy.

    So the enemies of Islam are the worst hypocrites who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation. The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy.


    They have also failed to condemn nor ask the authorities to ban or shut all vernacular schools whenever or a teacher abuse a child in a vernacular school or a racist headmaster etc practice prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a Muslim teacher.

  4. It’s obvious that the position of religious privilege and political power in the country still lies with malay muslims. That authority should make sure tahfiz dont end up like the churches in the west full of sex abuse etc because there is huge responsibility associated with the privileges and power.
    That is why my post emphasise on solving problem on hand and ignoring naysayers. ISMA supporters are always angry but doing it till you”re blue in the face solves NOTHING.

  5. Nowadays some non-Muslims especially kafir harbi are openly and publicly insulting, degrading, defaming and demonizing Islam and denying the rights of Muslims as the majority in this country so it is our right to express our disapporaval and dissatisfaction as a reminder to non-Muslims not to cross the line.

    My advice is learn to say “No !” sternly instead of submitting sheepishly to the enemies of Islam.

  6. Really? Wow, it’s a first where majority who r muslims are cowed into submissiveness despite being given full rights enshrined in constitution and syarie as well.
    Must b a case of muslim malay leaders mot being clear or articulate enough. They should stop being buffoons for once n get their act together.

  7. Yes all Muslim Malays leaders of Pakatan and Barisan must unite and cooperate with PAS leaders to uphold the teachings of Islam and the rights of Muslims who are the majority in this country for the sake of Allah.

    And they must abandon their so-called ‘kafir harbi allies’ because the kafir harbi political parties are engaging in back-stabbing and openly and publicly insulting, degrading, defaming and demonizing Islam and denying the rights of Muslims to practice the teachings of Islam in this country.

    The kafir harbi political parties even control and manipulate some selfish, arrogant, naive and ignorant Muslim Malay leaders as their puppets to deceive Muslims (including Malays) into supporting the kafir harbi political parties.

    And these puppets are the damned traitors that betray their own people and allow non-believer to trample on Islam and Muslims!

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