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By Danial Ariff bin Shaari

THE liberals’ are now unhappy. This is because their absent or lack of moral judgment and set of beliefs put them in a horrible position in Malaysia especially where religious and moral values are rooted deeply in our social atmosphere.

They are worried that their true colours would show. And they are even more worried to think that the conservative will allow them and their liberal ideology to thrive in our country where Islam is the religion of the Federation.

The liberals’ exclusivity is proven in many instances and their hypocrisy is too obvious to ignore.

When Azmi Sharom said that some people have a right to be moron, it is only because these people have different views.

If you (the liberals) claim to be tolerant of the views of others, why would you discredit them and assasinate their character in such a way?

If you wish to rebut, do your rebuttals with arguments lah, not resorting to name calling and levelling others down.

The liberals’ media and articles can remain public for the readers to observe, support and share to others. They hate if their so-called followers and cheer groups are denied access to their materials and propaganda.

But as they claim to champion freedom of speech, they would do this; report other materials, articles as abusive and deny access because these pieces are detrimental to their own selfish goals.

“In their (liberals) world, who would decide whether certain speech has inherent value? The federal government, no doubt, provided (liberal) Democrats are in control at the time”, to quote the statements in an article depicting the clash between the Republicans and the Democrats in the US.

While in Australia, it is noted that “…many Australians are just sick of being told that they can’t criticise anyone in a minority.”

The liberals who are the minority here in Malaysia can say all they want and toss their “scholarly” or “Islamologist” opinions, but everything the ustaz, ulama’ and Muftis say are simply dismissed as “religious bigotry”, “extremism”, “ethno-religious nationalism”, “Islamofascism”, “conservative diet” etc.

Why the double standard?

This is a screen capture of what happens when I attempt to share a link of an article reported by Menara.my titled “Homoseksual itu fitrah, binatang pun buat: Zurairi AR”. Any attempts to post this link on Facebook will be blocked.

Funny thing is Menara.my merely reports what Zurairi says in his article titled “It is homophobia that is unnatural”.

“Various species like bottlenose dolphins, black swans, penguins, fruit flies, and bonobo apes display bisexuality and homosexuality”, Zurairi wrote on his site.

The link is here: http://zurairi.com/20…/…/it-is-homophobia-that-is-unnatural/

Why won’t the liberals allow Menara.my to spread (expose) their righteous (immoral) propaganda?

Do the liberals even have doubt over their own positions?

This article originally published at Danial Ariff’s Facebook Account.

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  • “…If you (the liberals) claim to be tolerant of the views of others, why would you discredit them and assasinate their character in such a way?”

    You said it. Zurairi is not a liberal. Please stop using him as poster boy for liberals.

  • Can you ‘farha’ prove that Zurairi is not a liberal beyond any reasonable doubts? Do you have any concrete evidence to support your allegation above?

  • If a writer writes articles that openly support, advocate and advance LGBTQ, pluralism, secularism, liberal feminism, individual freedom, the autonomy of the individual will, freedom of speech , the freedom of man to commit immorality, sins etc and dispute and reject Sunnah and Sharia and misinterpret Al-Qur’an, we know that the writer is a liberal.

    So based on Zoorai’s own articles, we know that he is a liberal.

  • Liberals are the highly hypocritical born liars because their own speeches always contradict their own actions:

    (1) They (the liberals) are advocating the so-called ‘freedom of speech’ while they are deliberately condemning, insulting and defaming the people who have different opinions.

    Liberals have failed to consider the fact that different people have different choices and opinions.

    (2) They claim falsely that Al-Qur’an is their only guidance while they are busy corrupting, twisting and misinterpreting Al-Qur’an to suit their intense and selfish desire for power, freedom to commit sins and immoralities etc and disputing and rejecting Sunnah and Sharia in order to deceive and mislead ignorant and naive Muslims to go astray.

    (3) They claim falsely that they are advocating religious freedom while they are busy insulting, defaming, degrading, demonizing, twisting and corrupting the teachings of Islam and denying the rights of Muslims to practice the teachings of Islam.

    (4) They claim falsely that the government that governs the least is the best. The fact is the government that governs the least is the powerless government that will fail to function and result in chaos etc.

    (5) Etc

    By advocating individual freedom to commit sins, immoralities, corruption etc, liberals are destroying religions, ethics and principles of morality and creating immoral and corrupt people who shamelessly practice the end justifies the means and law of the jungle to fulfill their unlimited and excessive greed, lust and evil desires to acquire or possess more power, freedom, material wealth etc.

    In the end, liberals and liberalism would destroy the world due to human beings are not regulated by the laws or ethics of civilization.

  • Anti- liberalism,

    Zurairi is not a liberal. It’s clear why if you know what liberal is. A liberal is someone who respect others’ rights and freedoms. He’s not liberal enough to accept people who don’t support unislamic lifestyles. He is very reactionary to anyone who don’t subscribe to LGBTQ.


    Rasa cemburu (ghiroh) adalah akibat dari iman itu sendiri
    orang yang beriman akan tersinggung jika agama (Islam)nya dihina.

    Bahkan agama (Islam)nya itu akan didahulukan daripada keselamatan dirinya sendiri. Itu tandanya masih ada ghiroh di dalam dirinya.

    Bangsa penjajah pun telah memahami tabiat umat Islam seperti ini.
    Jika Islam dihina, umat Islam rela berputih tulang dari berputih mata.

    Jika agama (Islam) mu, nabi mu, kitab mu dihina oleh kafir harbi dan munafik liberal dan engkau diam sahaja maka jelaslah rasa cemburu (ghiroh) mu telah hilang dari mu.

    Jika ghiroh mu telah hilang dari hati,
    gantinya hanya satu iaitu kain kafan
    sebab kehilangan ghiroh sama seperti mati.

    Puak liberal hanya layak menjadi anjing ternakan Firaun
    raja Mesir yang mengaku dirinya ‘tuhan’
    siang dan malam menyalak garang
    mengancam agama Islam dan menindas umat Islam.

    Kafir harbi tersenyum riang gembira
    melihat kedunguan dan kebebalan puak liberal
    mengatasi kebodohan haiwan ternakan
    menentang agama sendiri dan menindas kaum sendiri
    kerana upah seguni dedak.

    Betapa murahnya nilai balaci
    upahan kafir harbi yang sangat durjana
    yang mempertuhankan nafsu serakah
    dan menolak kebenaran.

  • No need to be so drama lah, Ibnu. You made your stand clear ☺

  • Bad article. Reads like a one-sided, narrow-minded, modern-day Malaysian Breitbart piece.


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