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First Degree Murder Case: An Open Letter to PDRM, Dept of Justice

DEAR Police Department and the Department of Justice Of Malaysia,

Bringing Your Attention to A First Degree Murder Case

I, for one, vehemently demand a full and transparent and prompt investigation to be conducted on the incident that had happened yesterday on the North-South Link Highway where a teenager girl had driven her green Proton Gen-2 antagonistic to the direction of the road.

The least to mention is the act had threatened countless of lives on one of the most important and busiest routes across our country. One would never imagine a car would “fly” along the Highway in 110Km/h speed (as reported) in an opposite direction of the big Highway with 3 to 4 driving lanes.

The driver is blameworthy and holds all possible responsibility on risking those lives who were on the road when the foolishness took place.
I, for one, demand an unconditional justice for one innocent and beautiful soul that has gone away consequent to the total obnoxious and demented conduct.

This has to be unanimously seen as a first degree murder act where the murderer, the driver, in no way would have walked out of the forementioned scene without resulting in severe casualities and deaths. I find it parellel than having a machine gun and bring it out in front of a crowd of people and shoot aimlessly.

You never have to intend any particular guy to take in the bullet, though, you will undeniably have someone, if not or a number of people murdered. So has what the girl done.

Some may have reported that the driver, the murderer, was under the Meth effect and some other reported that she was running away from a car accident that she was involved before she had deliriously gotten into the wrong side of the Highway.

Neither of the absurd excuses would rasionalize her on getting onto the fastest lane on the right side of the wrong road, as seen in the circulated video. She could have slowed down the speed and made her way through to the road side.

I, for one, demand a comprehensive and transparent investigation to be done and justice to the families who have lost their loved one in an unfavorable time and condition. I seek transparency that brings the society into its tranquility and confidence to the justice system in our country.

Mass is already in bewilderment and skepticism from the recent incidence that killed 8 school boys that we had dealt together as a nation yet left hung from public knowledge midcourse the investigation.

The incidence and the current incidence we have at hand now, apart from other cases, begun to spark racial slur and instability among internet users that I believe cannot be held back for long until it becomes physical and personal if not treated organically as well as systematically.

I, for one, still reserve much believe and trust in our investigatorial code of conduct and judicial system having looking them in a bigger picture and having following our stances amid tension that erupts with North Korea.

A concern Malaysian citizen,
Muhammad Hasan bin Abdul Halim

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  • A reckless, young and dangerous driver had ‘murdered’ or ‘killed’ 8 MALAY teenagers and now another reckless, young and dangerous driver have just ‘murdered’ or ‘killed’ a MALAY man. And many innocent people were or are seriously wounded in the so-called ‘accidents’!

    Sooner or later, some retards would put the blame on the victims of the reckless drivers!

    How many MALAYS are going to be ‘murdered’ or ‘killed’ on the road by reckless, young and dangerous drivers? How many MALAY families are going to be robbed of their loved ones, happiness and future?

    A reckless, young and dangerous driver is simply a soulless and heartless murderer !


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