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 have always been a free sharing medium of communication that have parents worrying all over the world… since the time of “YM”, “Mirc” and the latest “Wechat”. It’s even in journals. Its open nature provide a means for preliminary sexual advances that eventually lead to copulation and all that it entails in the postmodern world. The statistics are undeniable.

So today was the day for this issue to come out anew on my newsfeed.

In response there is again the general blanket outcry for sexual education and why is it still taboo to talk about sex?? Like seriously???

In my opinion.

Like seriously!!! Talk about it… by all means.. sex isn’t taboo at our schools! It’s not taboo anywhere anymore! That is the problem!

Sex education currently is all just about sex.. about where the vagina is and what happens when sperm is released. It’s about condoms and safe sex and who touches where is inappropriate how.

When in actuality it is MORE about self respect and honour.. morality.. aurah.. the purpose of life… respecting the differences and the attraction between males and females enough to not tempt it…

Everyone should acknowledge it. Film producers, doctors, advertisement makers, photographers, fashion designers, ketua kampung, pak menteri, teachers, school seniors, ustazahs, school guards, FATHERS and MOTHERS.

Because foremost of all it involves sacrificing our insatiable need for freedom of rights for the sake of the future generation. Like if you teach sex education at school and then the kid goes home to mom who wants to watch Korean couples kissing on Astro… or Malay couples looking at each other doe eyed like so, is the sex education gonna amount to anything? Is it gonna tamper the curiosity any?

Implementing sex education as a subject without strengthening complementary religious education is only going to get children even more curious and adults more complacent. It gives a false sense of security that is even more dangerous… like hey we did something already! Look at the numbers in countries who have already implemented sex education. Has the statistics of rape cases/mistreatment of women improved?

As such, its not enough to just throw around words calling for the need for sex education…. of which LPPKN is already starting on a programme by the way. Did you hear? So no we’re not still at “why is it taboo again?”stage.

What we need is a programme that complements reproductive education. Shariah based. They are not mutually exclusive. Because strength of imaan remains undeniably our strongest bastion against wrongdoings/nafs.

Involving everybody… advertisement design. Editors of women magazines. Fashion designers. Script writers. School syllabus makers. And yeahh internet regulators!

If not sex education or whatever it implies is just going to go down as a knee-jerk-measure laughingstock of the liberals.. like the purpose of LPF with regards to kissing scenes.

Go back to the Qur’an and Sunnah. The solutions are right in your faces.

THAT is how you empower girls.

And no I’m not just talking about Muslims.

P/s And then somebody will retaliate about moral policing. Just wait for it…..

Dr Siti Nurhayati Adznan
Wanita ISMA

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  • Precisely. The problem is, those who are entrusted with the moral/religious education module are not stepping up to the plate.
    You guys feel so strongly about it…..so translate it into action la. Ban the internet. Keep teens with roving eyes in cages. Dont just support khalwat raids and peeping squads at public parks.

  • Kita tidak perlukan tindakan seperti ‘ban’ internet ataupun larang anak-anak keluar dan sebagainya.

    ISMA melalui pelbagai agensinya telah melaksanakan pelbagai program dalam usaha untuk mendidik masyarakat.

    Kelab remaja isma dan i-medik ada buat program ‘Say No To Zina’ di sekolah-sekolah. Wanita isma dan PEMBINA melaksanakan program seperti konwanis dan festival beliawanis. Itulah antara ‘action’ isma.

    Isma telah berusaha gigih menyumbang dan akan terus menyumbang untuk masyarakat.

  • Sarcasm is lost to some people….


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