14/12/2017, 9:12 pm

Gerakan was lambasted recently because of their remarks on the involvement of churches in Bersih 5.0. Hermen Shastri who is the general secretary for Council of Churches Malaysia (CCM) was fast to comment. Hermen resented

TULISAN ini adalah tulisan yang sangat penting untuk kita, terutamanya rakyat Malaysia, supaya boleh menilai apakah sebenarnya yang berlaku di Burma khususnya bumi Arakan dan ujian yang bagaimana yang dihadapi secara sabar oleh saudara Rohingya

APPARENTLY, parliamentary democracy as it is practiced in Malaysia is not good enough and needs alteration. Bersih, in their latest rally made a demand to strengthen the current mechanism. One of the methods suggested to

BERSIH 5.0 was recently concluded on November 19, 2016. One of their demands was for “clean elections”. In making that demand Bersih 2.0 set forth the mechanisms to achieve the desired results. The definition of

THE impunity with which the Western powers have backed regime changes is astounding. Despite turning prosperous countries to ashes they see no wrong in their actions. Million of refugees have been created, while hundreds of

REFORMASI “kebangkitan” rakyat sudah berkubur secara rasmi di saat Anwar Ibrahim bersalam dengan Tun Dr Mahathir. Anak-anak muda yang menyertai Bersih 5 baru-baru ini mungkin tidak begitu mengingati peristiwa “kebangkitan” rakyat pada bulan September 1998 yang

EVERY time a social movement emerges to protest on what they believe to be the truth, we often ask ourselves – are they going to succeed? Yet, rather than we put our focus on that question,

(1) PAS staying far, far away PAS people don’t even want to be in the same room with DAP as evidenced by their no-show at the recent Pakatan Harapan conclave. It was the Parti Islam cadres who

Rules and regulations serve a purpose for the greater good. Despite that we have people who break the law knowingly. For some the idea before breaking the law was to bring justice. The method however

Muslims in America have been deeply affected by Donald Trump’s victory. He is seen an Islamophobe who preaches hatred towards Islam and Muslims. Apart from that, intolerance against the Muslims has increased. According to a