Liberalism in Multicultural Malaysia: Solution or Threat?


We proudly announce the next episode of View Point on the topic of “Liberalism in Multicultural Malaysia; Solution or Threat?”

Date: 3 October 2016 (Monday)
Time: 8.30 pm
Venue: Seminar Hall, ISMA HQ, BBB

The tak show will feature prominent speakers as follows:

1. Dr Hazlin Chong, ISMA activist
2. Ahmad Farami Abdul Karim, Fellow at Institute of Journalism Studies, UiTM
3. Akbar Abd Rahman (Moderator), CAPE Analyst

Come and join us by registering @ http:/

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One thought on “Liberalism in Multicultural Malaysia: Solution or Threat?

  1. It is sad to see some so-called ‘educated’ Muslim Malays who call themselves ‘liberals’ have failed to differentiate truth from falsehood and good from evil that they shamelessly try to get rid of Islamic institutions and abolish Articles 3(1), 153, 11(4) etc of the Federal Constitution so that the liberals and their Zionist masters can freely corrupt, misinterpret, insult, defame and demonize the true teachings of Islam and encourage ignorant and naive Muslims to betray or desert Islam.

    Liberals are the wolves in sheep’s clothing or the damned hypocrites that are deliberately corrupting and misinterpreting Al-Qur’an and disputing, denying and rejecting Sunnah and Sharia and promoting and spreading freedom to commit sins, apostasy, immoralities and corruption etc among Muslims in order to undermine or destroy the true teachings of Islam and the very foundation of Islam (Al-Qur’an and Sunnah).

    By trying to undermine or destroy Islam and deceive and mislead ignorant and naive Muslims from within , liberals are more dangerous than kafir harbi who express their enmity towards Islam and Muslims clearly and openly.

    The spread of liberalism is part of a “Grand Design” by Zionists to destroy Islam and other religions as stated by the damned Zionist Protocols. No wonder some Zionist organizations in the US etc are supporting, financing and training the damned liberals to destroy Islam and Muslims.

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