Congratulatory message to Prof. Dr. Muhammad Badee’

20 January 2010

To our dearest and beloved brother,
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Badee Abdul Majid Sami,
8th Mursyid of Muslim Brotherhood

Assalamualaikum wbt,


On behalf of the Malaysia Muslim Solidarity Association (ISMA), we wish to congratulate you for your appointment as the 8th Mursyid of Muslim Brotherhood. We strongly believe that with your vast experiences in the field of dakwah and harakah Islamiah, with the help and guidance from Allah swt, you will be able to lead Muslim Brotherhood to new heights.

Reading your inaugural speech, we are convinced that the world need guidance from you and other leaders of Muslim Brotherhood to shed some light in uplifting the crumbling world. We pray to Allah swt that He may grant you the best of health and spirit in upholding the truth of Islam.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Al-Fadhil Ustaz Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman,
Malaysia Muslim Solidarity Association

To our Dearest and Beloved brother

Dr Mohammed Badee

8th Mursyid Of Muslim Brotherhood

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